Our Team of Pool Experts


Roberto is an increasingly rare Arizona native, being both born and raised in Arizona. He prides himself in the work that he does and is dedicated to ever increasing his knowledge of the pool industry. Formerly a manager over a huge staff in the hospitality industry, Roberto now enjoys being able to spend the nights, weekends, and holidays with his wife and two young children.


Now the Director of operations for Beyond Pool Cleaning, Tyler started out doing service and quickly worked his way into the office. . . Driven by providing quality ,part of Tylers passion is to watch people and companies grow. “Every service is a relationship between us and our customers” Is his motto. Tyler is an Arizona native with 18 years in the hospitality industry. Happily married with 4 lovely girls ranging from preschool to college


Born and raised in a small town in Central Kansas. Growing up with the only in-ground pool in the entire town was formal training for his career. Taylor moved to Phoenix in 2016. When he's not making pools look nice Taylor likes to spend his free time outdoors. Hiking, backpacking and being one with nature.



Trevor joined the office after the insistence of Brian, and fell in love with the pool industry. He is the most likely to answer the phone and loves to help make sure our customers are taken care of everyday. Trevor is a gifted multitasker, handling all issues and orders to speed up our service at a miraculous rate. He also does a lot of behind the scenes analysis and is quickly becoming an expert data analyst.


Ben Taylor was finally persuaded to move out to the Phoenix area, from Biloxi Mississippi, after a few years of Bryce telling him about the pool industry. Having worked together for a short time in Louisiana, Bryce knew that Ben was one of a kind in embracing some of the worst work there is. Ben, having spent most of his life running restaurants, gave it a shot and blew everyone away with his dedication and skill. He has an 8 year old daughter that he loves to watch Facetime movies with, and goes to visit on every opportunity.


As an Arizona native,Brian is a local sports fanatic. He has spent nearly a decade in the accounting industry, and is one of those unique people that loves numbers and spreadsheets.. In his free time, Brian enjoys card games and fantasy football.



Also coming from the restaurant industry, Bryce received his Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management from NAU in 2010. He grew dispassionate with the crazy hours while managing restaurants across several time zones and decided to start his own business that could provide a work/life balance.He now fancies himself a collector of great people, with the joint philosophies of “build the right team, and get out of the way” and “A Happy team makes a happy customer”.


Trained and certified in leak detection listening equipment. John gets answers to your pool water loss concerns efficiently and without invasive digging or cutting.

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Beyond pool cleaning can be reached via email and telephone for more information regarding any weekly and special pool cleaning services. If you are needing professional pool cleaning service at affordable rates, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!

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